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January 15 2015.

Seaford Town Council has introduced a new information leaflet for the Seaford Head Local Nature Reserve in plenty of time for the onset of spring, which in turn brings an increase in both human and feathered visitors.

The previous leaflet for the reserve was dated and in need of titivating, so the Seaford Head Nature Reserve Management Committee undertook a project to get a new leaflet created.

Both Seaford Town Council and the National Trust, as land owners on the reserve, financed the new leaflet with Sussex Wildlife Trust arranging for the design and printing.

The new leaflet includes a wealth of information on what wildlife and species can be found on the site, providing a clear yet concise map to help visitors navigate their way around the reserve.

The leaflet can be found in Seaford’s Tourist Information Centre at 37 Church Street or downloaded from the Council’s website at