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January 6 2014.

Anthony White writes:

I was astounded to read in a recent Tory leaflet that their candidate Maria Caulfield is claiming credit for the new Horder Centre. What a cheek! I have been a councillor here in Seaford for almost four years and I am not aware she has done anything at all to bring this about, unless she counts standing in front of the building for a photograph.

The top and the bottom of it is that the Horder Centre made a commercial decision to come to Seaford and did so long before Maria Caulfield was even a candidate. It’s as simple as that.

It is true that there has been strong campaigning for better health provision in the town, but that has come largely from local councillor Sam Adeniji and our MP Norman Baker.

Maria Caulfield needs to stop claiming credit for stuff she has not done.

Councillor Anthony White (Independent)

Maria Caulfield replies:

In June last year when we knew that Horder Health Care was taking on the old Seaford Day hospital we were told the CCG may fund some NHS services from there. As a result I undertook a consultation of residents in Seaford to find out what NHS services residents would like. I wrote to over 7000 homes in Seaford as part of this consultation, as well as meeting with residents groups including the Seaford Seniors forum and a number of public meetings. We also brought Jeremy Hunt MP, the Secretary of State for Health, to Seaford to meet with residents to hear their views.

After this I formally wrote to the CCG, as did my colleague Cllr. Sam Adeniji, to ask for some NHS services to be provided at the Horder Health Care site.

The CCG responded by saying they would consider The Horder Centre as part of their tendering process and thankfully Horder was successful, meaning we now have some new orthopaedic NHS services in Seaford. However, in my consultation I had over 3000 people reply to say they wanted a minor injuries unit in the town, as travelling to Eastbourne is very difficult for many elderly residents and those without their own transport. So I am actively campaigning for this, because as a nurse I believe basic health care should be available locally.

Maria Caulfield