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October 30 2014.

SMPAT and DFDS Seaways release:

The SMPAT and DFDS Seaways announced today reaching heads of agreement concerning the one-year extension of the operation and marketing of the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry service.

The heads of agreement stipulates that the Seven Sisters and the Cote d'Albâtre, ships owned by the SMPAT, will be operated by DFDS Seaways France on the Dieppe to Newhaven line in 2015. New rotations will also be tried in high season, in response to growing tourism and economic demands, recorded in recent years.

In addition to maintaining activity and jobs that are related, sedentary and crews especially, it is planned to adapt ships to meet the requirements of MARPOL VI directive, using cleaner fuels.

Nicolas Rouly, chairman of SMPAT and the Seine-Maritime Department said: "2014 was a challenging year for all actors of the Channel, but it ends on a promising agreement, the first step in building a new future. Our partners, public and private, have understood the high stakes that represents the Dieppe-Newhaven line. 2015 will confirm the usefulness of the Channel on the tourist plan especially with the coming of the tour de France in Normandy and the ownership of “The Avenue Verte” by increasingly tour operators. But also on the economically plan with all the work lead by actors of logistics chains, automotive, wind energy, food, ..."

Peder Gellert Pedersen, chairman DFDS Seaways France: "I am delighted with the positive outcome of the negotiations we serenely conducted with the SMPAT and its President Nicolas Rouly. Since 2007, the SMPAT is an important partner of DFDS Seaways and we are delighted to continue this relationship. It is also good news for our employees and partners who have at heart to see the operation of the Dieppe line to Newhaven continue. "

Jean-Claude Charlo, managing director of DFDS Seaways France added: "The heads for a one-year extension of our agreements with the SMPAT is great news for DFDS Seaways France, its employees, customers and all our partners. Our technical leadership and our recognized know-how in Europe and France enabled the SMPAT to make the best decision for the line and I want to thank all the DFDS Seaways France teams who worked very hard in that direction. "