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October 22 2014.

Jim Skinner writes:

Haven News readers will hopefully be aware of the forthcoming Seaford Flood Defences meeting this Friday, the 24th of October at the Clinton Centre, Clinton Place at 7.00pm.

Although on the face of it this may well be a one-way communication to us from the Environment Agency, this is nonetheless a very good opportunity for those, like me, who have a very great concern regarding the beach as it currently exists, and how it is currently managed. I would urge all who have an interest in the beach situation, and I know there are many who do, to come to this meeting and take opportunity to voice those concerns.

In a nutshell the EA still only sees our beach as a means of preventing flooding and they still basically only play lip service to its amenity value. This meeting is a real chance for us, the beach users, to be heard and, hopefully, listened to!

Jim Skinner

For further information on the Seaford Flood Defences meeting CLICK HERE.