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September 26 2014.

The Centenary Clock on Broad Street in Seaford has had a new lease of life. Donated to the town in 2005 by Seaford Rotary, the clock has seen a number of years out of operation due to a mechanical failure.

Now Seaford Town Council has arranged relocation and restoration work by well-respected clock repairers Smiths of Derby to ensure the clock can provide the service originally intended.

Now fited with replacement parts, new lamps and a new home the clock is back in service, not only providing the time for visitors to the town centre, but also providing an attractive feature.

A new made-to-measure cover for the face has been ordered as well.

The clock has been relocated to the front of Cameron’s Pharmacy, not far from its original location on Hurdis House on Broad Street. The new location enables easier, lower-cost servicing, where previously specialist access equipment was required.

Mayor Mark Brown said: “I am delighted that the clock is once again working and is now in a location where it can be more readily maintained. This is one more off the jobs to do list.”