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September 9 2014.

This week a group of intrepid volunteers from the South Downs Volunteer Ranger Service donned waders and took to the water at Drove Park in Newhaven. The site is managed as a Nature Reserve by Lewes District Council whose Community Rangers work closely with volunteers to carry out wildlife conservation work.

The reeds at Drove Park provide an important habitat for breeding Reed Warblers that migrate to the UK in the summer from their winter home in Africa. However, the reeds had started to encroach, reducing the amount of open water that is important for other wildlife such as dragonflies and newts.

Community Ranger Dan Fagan explained: “We want to encourage as much biodiversity as possible, so it’s important to maintain a mosaic of habitats.

"Open water is also an attraction for local people who enjoy the tranquillity of urban green spaces like Drove Park.

"It’s all about getting the right balance.”

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