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September 9 2014.

Peter White reports:

Changes are being made to the days of the week that the Seaford, Forest Row and Wadhurst household waste recycling sites are open. In future these three sites will be open from Friday to Sunday. No changes to opening days are being made to other household waste recycling sites.

Why are changes being made to these particular sites?

The reduced opening times at these sites are part of East Sussex County Council’s overall savings programme. Whilst closing them for four days a week will not fully meet all residents’ expectations, the County Council has listened to local views to develop a plan which balances the need to make savings with local need for services.

Both the Forest Row and Wadhurst sites handle a small amount of waste compared to other household waste recycling sites, which makes them an expensive way of managing the waste taken there. The improved recycling collection service in Wealden means people in this area now have a good range of recycling options on their doorstep instead of having to drive to a recycling site.

The Seaford site is less than 5 miles from Newhaven household waste recycling site, which is a new, purpose-built split-level site. Seaford’s site is also a small, older site without the modern, split-level layout.

When will the household waste recycling site opening times change?

The change will take place from Monday 6th October 2014. The new hours at Forest Row, Seaford and Wadhurst will be:

Monday – Thursday Closed

Friday and Saturday 8.00am until 4.00pm

Sunday 9.00am until 4.00pm