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September 8 2014.

LDC is holding a two day electric blanket testing event in October which is open to all residents across the district. 

Electric blankets account for over 1,000 fires a year in the home. These can be prevented by regular testing. Of primary concern are blankets that are over ten years old or have been damaged by creasing, flexing, fraying or wear and tear.

All electric blankets will be tested. If they have a fault and can be fixed, a repair will be carried out on the day.  If a blanket is deemed to be too dangerous to be repaired, the blanket will be destroyed and a voucher will be given towards the cost of a new blanket.

The testing unit will be at Seaford Town Council, 37 Church Street on Friday the 17th of October from 10.00am to 12 noon.

For anyone who is unable to attend, LDC will be operating a collection and return service. To book a place contact the Environmental Health department on 01273 484354 or e-mail