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August 29 2014.

Norman Baker has called on East Sussex County Council to take radical steps to reconfigure the ring road around Newhaven town centre. Specifically, the MP is calling for:

• North Way to be made two-way, and to carry all through traffic

• South Way to be made two-way, and reduced to a local access road

The MP believes these changes will bring the following benefits:

• It will slow traffic along North Way

• It will end the pounding of heavy vehicles past houses along South Way

• It will re-join the town centre with the streets to the south, thereby loosening the “noose” effect round the town centre, so helping businesses there

Norman says: “We are seeing steady improvements to Newhaven. On Denton Island, along the West Quay, in the port, and shortly, with the construction of a new college at Railway Quay. Unfortunately, the town centre itself has been in a downward spiral ever since the ring road was established. This is the worst planning mistake ever to have happened to Newhaven.

“I believe the changes I am suggesting will go some way to helping the town centre, providing relief for residents of South Way and improving road safety through the town. I hope the county council will give this plan proper consideration.”

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