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August 14 2014.

Seaford Town Crier Peter White is one of only two south-east Town Criers taking on 22 other Town Criers from nine countries at the Chester World Town Crier Tournament next week. Hotels in the City have rolled out the welcome mat with free accommodation for competing Criers.

The competition will take place over four days ending on Saturday the 23rd of August. Criers will be 'crying' the merits of three of the firms sponsoring the contest, but also delivering a 'Home-Town' cry relating the delights of their hometown. 

Peter is well-used to singing the praises of Seaford of course. He has been the Crier for Seaford for 37 years and will be taking a Scroll of Greeting to the Lord Mayor of Chester from the Mayor of Seaford, and a stick of Seaford Rock as a personal gift!