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August 13 2014.

The Dieppe arts festival has been running for four years and for the first time the festival is bridging the channel, travelling from Dieppe to Newhaven with support of the Arts Council of England and Lewes District Council.

On Tuesday the 19th of August the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry will for the second time be transformed into an art gallery, performance space, with music and projections and other events on board. Featuring innovative artists from both sides of the channel, this cross channel festival culminates in a festival ‘New Worlds’ in 2015.
Lead Member of Lewes District Council, Councillor Rob Blackman, Norman Baker MP and Jon Clarke, the new Principle Designate of UTC@harbourside in Newhaven, will meet with the artists and performers for coffee and croissants before sending the floating Diep – Haven Arts Festival on its way.

This cross-channel festival includes a range of innovative artist and performers from England and France including Guest House Storytellers based at the Hillcrest Centre in Newhaven, who will be recalling the tale of ‘The Freya Connection’ which took place on the 19th of August 1914.

As part of next year’s festival, New Worlds, six resident artists from both sides of the Channel will be exploring each other’s territories in Dieppe and Newhaven between now and December. Visitors are invited to meet the artists and see their work in progress, to find out about the residencies visit