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July 24 2014.

Newhaven Developments LLP (formerly Avalon) announced today that Asda has withdrawn from the Newhaven Eastside Development. Newhaven Developments has instructed its solicitors to issue proceedings in the High Court to enforce the commitment Asda made to the Council and people of Newhaven that “our investment is guaranteed”.

Asda previously said: “The Council gave other plans time to catch up with us and they failed. Our investment is guaranteed, theirs is not; we have a solution for the roads, they do not; we deliver housing, they do not.”


“We are really looking forward to becoming part of the community in Newhaven and we believe that the decision was the right one for the whole of the community. We will now get on with the task of delivering the project and ensuring that local people get access to the jobs, shopping choice and housing that they want and urged the committee to support.”

Solicitors for Newhaven Developments confirmed that proceedings have been sent to the High Court for issue, but have not yet been served to give time for discussions between Asda and Newhaven Developments.