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July 24 2014.

From a village sign to a sound system in a park, residents across Lewes district have been putting forward ideas to improve their communities as part of the Lewes District Council’s community competition to spend a share of £40,000.

Dozens of ‘How to Spend it’ community events have been held across Lewes district as part of the Zero Heroes campaign, which encourages people to reduce food waste and earn points that contribute to a share of the prize fund.

Residents have until the end of August to vote for the ideas to give their community a chance to win a share of the £40,000.

Councillor Paul Franklin, Lead Member for Waste and Recycling at Lewes District Council, said: “We’re very keen to ensure that local residents have a say over how they want to spend their money. We wanted to use the food waste scheme to try different forms of connecting with our communities and on this occasion we used a competition approach to encourage people to win a share of the £40,000.

“We see this as a way of involving communities in local decision-making and we want to explore how we can go forward on other key issues like policy-making and service delivery.

“We recently ran a workshop with residents inviting them to have their say over how we can create a new online community platform called Locally Sorted, which would enable people to get more involved in issues that matter most to them. This is just the type of local democracy we’re keen to pursue and the Zero Heroes campaign has been a step in that direction.”

Lewes District Council has partnered with non-profit organisation, the Democratic Society (Demsoc), to run the community competition workshops in which local communities discussed how they should spend their share of the prize fund.

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