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July 22 2014.

Norman Hopson writes:

Following a very successful visit to La Chapelle Saint-Mesmin in May in association with Harbour School, Newhaven Twinning Association has invited the twinning association in La Chapelle Saint-Mesmin to visit Newhaven over the weekend – 24th to the 27th of October.

We are looking for more families in Newhaven and surrounding area to open their homes for the weekend to host people from our twin town.

We can't offer any reward, but you will have a weekend to remember.

If you can offer single or double beds, or have room for a family, please contact me, Norman Hopson, on 01273 588193 or by email -

You don't need to be able to speak French, although a pocket dictionary may be helpful. Sign language and Franglais provides the source of much hilarity. If you can speak a few words in French, no matter how rusty it is, you will be praised by your French guests. A glass or two of wine also tends to help any inhibitions disappear, so have a go!

You will have free time to entertain your guests as you wish, or get-togethers with other hosts. The Twinning Association will also arrange joint activities, visits or meals for all.

We are always impressed by how well we are treated when we visit La Chapelle Saint Mesmin and our French friends feel likewise when they visit us, both as a group and as individuals. Each visitor wants to experience real life in the other country and be looked after like family or close friends. That's what they will become - maybe even after one visit!

Merci beaucoup

Norman Hopson
Newhaven Twinning Association

01273 588193 or 07814 035053