July 4 2014.

Former Seaford and Lewes district Councillor and Seaford Mayor Ralph Taylor passed away last Friday following a short illness. His funeral will be at the Clinton Centre opposite Barclays Bank in Seaford next Monday, July the 7th, at 3.00pm.

Ralph was a tireless campaigner over many years for improved health facilities for Seaford, including a day hospital, incorporating a Minor Injuries Unit.

Sadly, the Horder Centre, which is opening shortly in the old Seaford Day Hospital, will still not provide this facility.

Ralph also campaigned for better road signage in Seaford and played an important part in the transfer of the running of the Crypt Gallery from Lewes District Council to local Seaford organisations. He also chaired the Seaford Town Council Community Services Committee for two years.

Through his Quaker beliefs Ralph encouraged the creation of the Peace Garden, which is now such a prominent feature of the Crouch Gardens off East Street.

In 1987 Ralph stood in the General Election for the Lewes constituency under the Labour Party banner, but later joined the Liberal Democrats in 2001. This made headlines in at least one national daily at the time.
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