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June 30 2014.

Britain's Got Talent finalist Sam Jones, the ventriloquist and magician from Seaford, is planning his first tour and will be trying out his new show in his home town on Sunday the 20th of July at the Barn T
heatre. For this show he is trying out a brand-new trick and has enlisted the help of local journalist and theatre critic, Amanda Wilkins.

On Wednesday the 25th of June, Sam recorded his voice on a dictaphone which he transferred to his computer and then burnt it on to a CD. On this CD he predicts what is going to happen throughout the show on the 20th of July, including the audience reaction, and how the Big Surprise at the end of the show will be received.

Nobody knows what is on the CD, not even his girlfriend Becca Woolven. Sam and Becca invited Amanda to meet them for coffee in the Front Room, the Seaford coffee shop in the High Street, on Monday the 30th of June, when he officially handed a sealed envelope to Amanda to keep until the show.

Amanda has been strictly forbidden to open the envelope or listen to the CD. She will bring it to the theatre on July the 20th and hand it to Sam and it will sit on the side of the stage throughout the show and then played on a normal CD player at the end to see if he got his predictions right. “I have never done this before and have no idea whether it will work,” Sam explained, “but I have known Amanda for some time and know she can be trusted not to open the envelope.”

If you would like to know what Sam has predicted on the CD go along to the Barn Theatre on Sunday July the 20th at 5.30pm. Tickets are just £5.00 and can be obtained from

Follow Sam on his website or his twitter account ventmagic22.

Sam’s puppet, Baby Leo, has become more famous than Sam since BGT, and has even got his own twitter account at babyleopuppet.