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June 26 2014.

Exactly seven months ago Haven News published a story under the headline: ASDA OUT OF NEWHAVEN EASTSIDE DEVELOPMENT? commenting on the lack of progress and the terse response from ASDA to a request for an update.

To read the story published on November the 26th 2013 CLICK HERE.

So what has happened in those seven months?

Well the Regenerating Newhaven Eastside website at website was cleared shortly after the Haven News story was posted and has remained effectively empty ever since.

There has been some recent movement on the Eastside site, with more infill piling up at the southern end, but that's it.

Rumours continue to spin of course, and the total lack of news from the developer, Barratt Homes and ASDA serves only to enforce the opinion that the wonderful Eastside scheme that 'won' a strongly fought campaign that the people of Newhaven got up and voted for, or indeed against, is dead in the water.

Haven News has requested a statement from ASDA.

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