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June 23 2014.

Local Lib Dem MP Norman Baker has welcomed the latest tranche of money being made available by the government to tackle potholes. Locally, East Sussex will receive £1,443,474 to go towards covering the costs of much-needed pothole and surface repairs across the region and could fund 27,000 pothole repairs across the county.

£168 million of funding is being made available to 148 councils across the county to help fix three million potholes by March 2015. This is in addition to £183 million funding announced in March of this year to repair roads damaged by the winter severe weather, of which East Sussex was allocated £2,645,187.

Norman says: “This is a significant amount of money being made available to East Sussex and I hope to see proper long term repairs being made to the road network, not a patchwork of quick fix measures that fall apart within weeks. With this substantial investment, the county council now has no excuse for its roads in future.”