June 23 2014.

A fantastic weekend in celebration of 35 years of fundraising for RNLI Newhaven by the Newhaven & District Lifeboat Society is due to take place over the weekend of Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of July, with the ever-popular Lifeboat Summer Fete taking place on the 5th at Huggetts Green and West Quay Lawns in Newhaven from 12noon to 4.00pm and the Lifeboat 'In Action' Display on the 6th at Seaford Beach from 10.30am.

Local coordinated fundraising for RNLI Newhaven first started in 1948 with the formation of the Ladies Lifeboat Guild and a Summer Event has been held in the town every year since. The Ladies Lifeboat Guild disbanded in 1979, with the current fundraising group, the Newhaven & District Lifeboat Society, being formed the same year. During the 35 years since 1979, the fundraising team, proudly supported by many local businesses and even more individuals from the local community, have raised in excess of £1,250,000 for the benefit of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

The volunteer crew of RNLI Newhaven have had a busy start to this year with 19 ‘Shouts’ up to the 2nd of May. The skills and competencies needed to be a Crew Member, Navigator, First Aider, Mechanic or Coxswain has to be independently assessed in each area appropriate to their position on the boat. This means all lifeboat crews, including Newhaven, have embarked on a huge training and assessment programme requiring an even greater level of commitment. With this increase on resources it is ever more important to continue the fundraising with an even greater level of commitment, ensuring that the volunteer crew can continue their life-saving efforts for the next 35 years and beyond.

For more details of other upcoming fundraising events email rnlinewhaven.society@hotmail.co.uk
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