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June 21 2014.

Sussex day is celebrated each year on or around the 16th of June, the feast day of St Richard of Chichester, the patron Saint of the South Saxons, of Chichester Cathedral, and also of Bus and Coach Drivers. In Seaford last Sunday the day was marked by a special Seaford Proclamation from Town Crier Peter White. The Mayor, Cllr. Mark Brown, raised the red and gold East Sussex Martlets flag, and the crowd sang "Sussex by the Sea". Visiting youngsters from Chailey Heritage enjoyed the event, and tea was served by the Seaford Lifeguards.

Peter was on call again at Chapel Green in Crowborough to read the "Sussex Charter" for their Town Council's celebrations of their Sussex heritage.

BBC2 picked up on the event and discussed flags and county identity on the Daily Politics Show with Andrew Neil. Peter was asked to appear and explain the Sussex angle on county celebrations and county flags. He explained that many towns now fly the 2011 blue and gold Sussex Flag adopted by the Flag Bureau.

Peter White, as Town Crier of Seaford, will be highlighting the delights and attractions of Seaford and Sussex at the week-long Chester World Town Crier Tournament in mid August. He'll be competing against 30 Criers from all over the world.

Pictured above: Town Crier Peter makes the proclamation and the Mayor prepares to raise the flag. This is pictured from the top of the Martello Tower Museum.