June 5 2014.

Newhaven Museum is offering free admission this Saturday, the 7th of June, to mark the 150th anniversary of the extension of the railway line from Newhaven to Seaford.

The museum, at Paradise Park in Newhaven, houses a large collection of photographs relating to the railway at Newhaven, and its use during the First World War.

Also on display will be three new exhibitions panels, sponsored by Newhaven Town Council, which tell the story of the impact of the war on the people of Newhaven and the surrounding area. Topics covered include Newhaven’s schools and the use of the Boys’ School as a military hospital, the shipping of supplies including munitions to the Western Front and the Sea-plane base at Tidemills.

Local Historian, Ian Everest, said: “ The coming of the railway to Newhaven transformed the town – just as it did to Seaford when the line was extended. It was the railway which enabled the port to play such a key role during the Great War. The museum is very busy this year, marking a number of anniversaries. Apart from the First World War and D.Day, this month also sees the 50th anniversary of the arrival in Newhaven off a Roll on - Roll off ferry service, whereby cars could be driven on to the ferry for the first time. Previously they had to be lifted on by crane”

A display pf photographs assembled by two former crew members of the ship ,the Falaise, will be ready for viewing on Saturday.

The museum will be open from 12.00 noon until 5.00pm.
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