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May 30 2014.

In order to celebrate the rich heritage and culture of Sussex each year, Sussex Day celebrations are held in Seaford on the Sunday closest to the 16th of June. Seaford Town Council, with the support of Seaford Lifeguards and the Town Crier, Peter White, will be carrying on this tradition this year on Sunday the 15th of June.

On the 15th at 12 noon the Mayor of Seaford will be hoisting the Sussex Martlets Flag, while the Town Crier reads a Sussex Day proclamation written specifically for Seaford, followed by a rendition of Sussex by the Sea. The flag will be raised on the flagpole by the lifeguard’s hut at Martello Tower on Seaford seafront.

The idea of Sussex Day originally came from a resident of Worthing, who suggested the idea to a local politician in 2006. The local politician was that impressed with the suggestion that the first Sussex Day was celebrated in 2007. The date of the 16th of June was picked as it is the feast day of St. Richard, the patron saint of Sussex.