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May 15 2014.

Seaford Town Council Statement regarding repair works at Splashpoint:

"On Thursday the 8th of May, Seaford Town Council heard a request to contribute towards the cost of the repair works needed at Splashpoint in order to reopen the area to the public.

The Council considered the request and was pleased to approve a contribution of £10,000 towards the works, matching that of Lewes District Council, but with no acceptance of responsibility or liability for the area.

The Environment Agency supports flood risk projects and this year will spend in excess of £350k on sea defences in Seaford. The area to the east of Splashpoint does not protect people or property, so the Environment Agency is unable to make a financial contribution to the suggested works.

Due to not having been budgeted for this financial year, the contribution will need to be released from General Reserves, which therefore means it will need to be budgeted for in next year’s precept.

Seaford Town Council continues to work alongside Lewes District Council and the Environment Agency to try and push this matter forward with a sense of urgency, hoping to have the area open to the public again by the summer."