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May 15 2014.

Newhaven Town Council is currently producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Newhaven under the provisions of the Localism Act 2012. This will be a community led plan which will guide future development and regeneration as required by the District Council’s development plan for the area, as well as seeking ways to deliver improvements and additional facilities.

Public consultation events are currently being organised for locations in all areas of the town and details of these will be available soon on the Town Council’s website at as well as being advertised by posters around the town.

The local community has an opportunity to have a real voice as to how they would like to see their town develop and change over the coming years through to 2030.

Call for Sites

As part of its work in assessing future development potential, the Town Council is calling on landowners and agents of land, for expressions of interest in putting land forward for consideration for development.

This exercise will not itself decide whether a site will be allocated for development by the Neighbourhood Plan, but will enable the Town Council to include submitted sites in the first community consultation process. The Call for Sites application period starts on the 19th of May 2014 and runs for two weeks until the 2nd of June 2014.

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