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May 12 2014.

E-mail from Newlands School, Seaford:

I should like to update you on the facts of the current situation at Newlands School, Seaford.

Our current proprietors, Beaconhouse Educational Services, have given the school notice that it may close at the end of the academic year. However a number of options are actively in process. These include interest from potential new investors with a profile of owning other UK boarding schools.

Additionally, a parent forum called the Newlands School Development group (NSDG) was set up to ensure the continuation of the education of the pupils. Their website is
Please feel free to contact them to discuss their views and obtain parent testimonials.

At this moment in time the school is operating as normal and the children continue to receive a good education in a supportive environment. Newlands school provides a service to the local community as a resource as well as being a successful school and it is our intention to see this maintained.

Mrs Tula Dyer