May 12 2014.

In response to revelations that McCarthy and Stone may not now build the affordable homes it committed to on the site of the old Beachcomber pub,  County and District Councillor Carolyn Lambert has issued a statement saying: ‘The McCarthy and Stone development was strongly opposed by myself, the Town Council and Seaford residents. The original application was turned down by Lewes District Council’s Planning Committee and was only approved on appeal by a ruling from the Planning Inspectorate.

"As part of the deal, McCarthy and Stone made a legal agreement with the District Council to build affordable housing units on the site. I understand that McCarthy and Stone has approached affordable housing providers, but that it has been unable to secure a contract. The reason for this appears to be that there is a problem with the title to the piece of land on which the homes would be built. This is an astonishing development. It is important to know whether or not McCarthy and Stone were aware of this when they made the planning application.

"I hope that Lewes District Councillors will join with me in calling for this to be resolved as a matter of urgency. Seaford has already suffered with the imposition of this unwanted development. It would be a tragedy if the town loses out still further with the loss of affordable homes."
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