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May 2 2014.

Re-Wired is a UK based organisation committed to sourcing and installing computers into African schools. Imagine learning at school in front of an old blackboard with few other resources. This is real life for many African children. Imagine a child in the UK going all the way through school without using a computer.

The main purpose of Re-Wired is to help the educational facilities in Africa, giving children there computing skills, plus a whole new resource to use for all their other subjects thanks to the extra software that is also installed.

The majority of the computers are sourced through partner Computers4Africa. They refurbish computer equipment donated by UK companies and provide fully working computer systems ready to be shipped to Africa.

The vision of Re-Wired is that all African children would have computers in their schools, giving them the same type of resources to learn with that we use in UK schools today, promoting the development of skills to make them employable when they leave school.

Pictured: Re-Wired's Chris Chester visited the Rotary Club of Seaford to give a presentation on Re-Wired.