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April 30 2014.

Lewes District Councillors and Local MP Norman Baker, are calling for an urgent summit to insure the future of Splash Point for the people of Seaford .

Splash Point has been closed to members of the public since Lewes District Council erected substantial gates and fencing following storms earlier this year and concerns for public safety. Damaged caused by the storms included the falling away of the path and the wall underneath has been undermined.

The area has long been under discussion of responsibility, with Lewes District Council taking the lead to address remedial repairs to get Splash Point opened as quickly as possible.

Seaford Town and District Councillors, along with Norman Baker MP, are now seeking to call a summit to discuss the longer term plan for the area, with stakeholders to include, Seaford Town Council and the Environment Agency to establish a plan of action to include identifying responsibility of ownership and future proof solutions to try and protect the area for the future.

Norman says: “I welcome the news Lewes District is working towards remedial repairs but unless action is taken to develop and insure this for the future, the problem is only going to get worse. Progress to help save Splash Point must be made to enable safe access for local people and to attract visitors to the town”

Lib Dem Cllr. Sarah Osborne says: “There are real safety concerns for people wanting to access the area. Without agreement from all parties we are unable to progress with future works for the area to save the area for future generations”

Independent Cllr. Sam Adeniji says: “Splash Point is a vital tourist attraction and the kittiwakes are spectacular, if its ownership is uncertain then a summit is needed to resolve this issue. Not only do we want Splash point repaired and reopen very soon, we also need a long term plan for its repairs and maintenance as well as to protect against future storms.”

Local Resident Geoff King says: "Many local residents and visitors alike have been very disappointed with the prolonged closure of Splash Point and the apparent lack of any activity to repair and reopen this much valued local amenity spot.

"It is two months now since the winter storms of February 2014 and in that time the whole of Seaford beach has been reinstated. The only apparent action at Splash Point has been to erect these very permanent looking gates to bar access to the area. No repair work has taken place to reinstate the storm damaged promenade.

"I am very pleased to report that following some investigative work I have it on very good authority that Lewes DC are working with the Environment Agency and with Seaford TC and that quotes for the repair work are currently being sort.
There is a need to remain vigilant and not let this matter drift on too long. Let us hope that it will not be too long before Splash Point is open and accessible once again."