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April 25 2014.

CrossFit Corinthian/Titan Fitness have been hosting another ten week ‘Back to Running’ course, led by Cliff Dargonne, who completed a ‘Run England’ Leader in Running Fitness course and has been following a suggested ten week programme.

The group have been running at Tidemills, around Bishopstone and Norton, and even over Firle Beacon. The weather has been kind (mostly), but most importantly the group have managed to keep smiling as they’ve added on the miles!

A small donation has been made each week, resulting in over £200 being collected, which has been passed to the local charity, Remember Spencer.

Amanda Roberts from Remember Spencer said: ‘We made an amazing £205 which is fantastic and will make a big difference to our small charity. The running club has made a big impact on our lives and we all agree that we have such fun and more importantly get fit, or try t, at the same time.’

Whilst the main purpose of the course is fitness rather than competition, the runners are off to join the timed 5km race at Eastbourne Park Run next week, which should allow them to record their progress over the year.

Another ten week programme is planned for later in the year and Haven News will publish the details when they become available.

For further details check out CrossFit Corinthian on Facebook, or contact Cliff on 07802716830.