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April 24 2014.

Ken and Kay Holt together with David Argent went to High Ashurst Outdoor Learning Centre at Box Hill, Dorking, recently to attend the Rotary Youth Leader Awards (RYLA) which are held annually. The Rotary Club of Seaford had sponsored Florence Hardy, Ella Edwards and Marianne Best to take part in the event.

Fifty six youngsters were divided into six groups, each with adult team leaders, and were tasked to undertake a variety of challenges which included a nine mile hike,  (turned into 12/13 miles when they got lost), 50 feet wall climb, high rope work, crossing rivers, sometimes blindfolded, and many other testing activities. Each group was required to work out how best to complete its assignments safely and successfully. The five day course is designed to bring out leadership qualities in the young people.

The Rotary visitors felt strongly that this aim was being met, and the participants had enjoyed themselves along with the hard work.

Pictured left to right Florence, Marianne and Ella visiting the Rotary Club of Seaford before their adventure.