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April 5 2014

Met Office forecasts have exceeded monitored levels of pollution in Sussex in recent days - caused by a mixture of local and continental pollution and dust from the Sahara desert - and which has been widely-reported by local TV News Stations and other media.

airAlert is a free air quality alert service available across Sussex, designed for vulnerable people and those with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, to alert the day before or on the day when air pollution levels in your area are expected to increase to a moderate level or above. The airAlert service is designed so as to help prepare for pollution events and make informed choices to reduce the likelihood of any adverse health effects.

airAlert works by sending a message directly to you by choice of text, a voice message, email or via an App. To register free, visit or call 01273 484337.

Air pollution levels are determined by the concentration of five pollutants in the air – ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and two types of particulate matter.

airAlert is a service provided by Sussex Air Quality Partnership (Sussex-air); a partnership of air quality specialists/ officers from all of the Sussex local, county and unitary authorities, the Surrey and Sussex HPAs, the Environment Agency, plus associate members from Brighton and Sussex Universities and Environmental Protection UK. The partnership provides information, services and assistance on air quality in Sussex and provides airAlert for Sussex and other authorities CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.