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April 4 2014

Here's some of the latest messages and views from our Haven News readers and supporters that have arrived in our inbox today.

Seaford Splash Point:

"I am pleased to hear there is further reaction re: Splash Point posted on Haven News. Seaford notice board page on Facebook had some photos very recently showing what an absolutely dreadful mess has been made by the storms. It was the very last storm we had which apparently did the worst of the damage. It was mainly not looking too awful a couple of days before, when I was there, apart from one or two smaller bits of damage. Obviously the worse damage must have been happening gradually "under the surface" with the storms previously, and other weather factors."
Anne Marr (Seaford)

LDC Business Awards:

More entertainment from Cllr Rob Blackman? The entertainment he has provided thus far, has been free of charge. Now we are asked to pay £50 for the privilege! It might be worth going if there was a special achievement award for the Seaford Town Council.
The Voice of Reason? (Newhaven)

Get Well Soon:

Andy. I hope you’re feeling better, matey! Take it easy and don't rush it… plus, Jen is more efficient than you anyway!!! All the best.
Henry and All (Quadzilla & WK bikes)

Dear Andy. Rockstar Energy Suzuki World MXGP and Rockstar Energy Suzuki Europe MX2 teams wish you a quick recovery from Hospital and we wish you all the best.
Ann Geboers (Geboers Racing Promotion)