April 3 2014

A selection of emails received at the Haven News Inbox today. 

Seaford Station:

I'm delighted to hear about the Seaford Railway Station renovations. Seaford doesn't have many attractive old buildings, so this one should be treasured. Is there any plan to remove the hideous prisoner-of-war style wire and concrete post fence surrounding the station car park? It is not an attractive sight as you approach the town centre and serves no useful purpose that I can think of.
Yours sincerely - Stephen Newberry.

Seaford Splash Point:

May I thank Anne Marr for her support regarding the issue of the closure of Splash Point. There is clearly growing local support to get Splash Point reopened, this can be seen by the many ribbons that have been tied to these very permanent looking ‘temporary gates’.

Anne raises a very interesting question regarding which authority may actually be responsible for any maintenance work at Splash Point.  Perhaps the question needs to be asked as to which authority, be that East Sussex CC, Lewes District Council, Seaford Town Council or the Environment Agency authorised and paid for these ‘temporary gates’ to close Splash Point to the public.

Is it possibly not the case that by sanctioning the closure of Splash Point and by paying for these ‘temporary gates’, which ever authority took this upon themselves, has admitted responsibility and liability by ‘default’.

Given that Splash Point is a major beauty spot and tourist attraction within Seaford and given that Seaford falls within Norman Baker’s constituency, perhaps Norman Baker may be better able to unravel the question of who authorised these gates and who might be responsible for the repairs to the promenade at Splash Point.

And so I would urge everyone to get involved with this campaign to get Splash Point reopened. Be a nuisance, ask questions, send emails, whatever it takes, its the only way anything will be achieved.
Geoff King, Marine Drive, Seaford.

Get Well Messages:

I'd like to wish Andy all the very best for a speedy and full recovery. He and his fantastic medium for local news and events are an important part of the community. Get well soon, mate!
Councillor Steve Saunders

Get well soon, Andy! I had a bypass at RSCH last year and they are fantastic! You are in the best place to be looked after x.
 Anne Nicholson

Mr F: Shouldn't you be up and about and either somewhere in France or looking over another Quad by now? Seriously though, best of luck with the recovery and I hope normality returns swiftly!
Adam Wheeler (On Track Off Road Magazine)

I'd like to add my best wishes to Andy and, like everyone else, my hope that he makes a speedy recovery. In the meantime, our thanks to everyone who is helping to keep Haven News in business and the Editor's chair warm for Andy's return.
David Swaysland (Vice-Chairman, Seaford Museum)

Please send my very best wishes to Andy for a speedy recovery!
Anne Marr (Seaford)

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