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April 2 2014

The following letter and photo is from Geoff King on Marine Drive, Seaford, regarding the closure of Seaford Splash Point.

“It’s April, the sun is shining, the sea is blue, the digger and lorry ‘Tonka Toys’ have finished putting the shingle back, the flood-boards have been taken away for the summer, there are people on Seaford Beach enjoying the sand - that is once again accessible since the storms of February this year took the shingle away - but sadly Splash Point remains shut off.

“It is accepted that the storms of February took their toll on the promenade at Splash Point. As was publicised back in February when these ‘very permanent’ looking gates were erected, the closure of Splash Point was to allow repairs to the promenade and was only temporary. It was publicised that Splash Point would be re-opened.

“However, no visible work has yet taken place to repair the promenade at Splash Point and analogies can now be drawn between the closure of Splash Point on safety grounds and the closure of Newhaven West Beach on safety grounds. And we all know just how long Newhaven West Beach has now been closed to the public.

“So I would ask the local authorities, East Sussex CC, Lewes DC and Seaford TC in this ‘open letter’ just how long it will be before any repairs are undertaken at Splash Point. After all, it has been two months since the storms of February, the ‘Tonka Toys’ have replaced the whole of Seaford Beach in that time and yet the local authorities seem to be taking no action at all with regard to repairing the promenade at Splash Point

Geoff King
Marine Drive