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April 2 2014

Haven News boss Andy Foulkes underwent another successful operation in Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton yesterday, following some complications from his triple heart-bypass on February 28th, but he's doing fine.

We’ve received a lot of ‘Get-Well’ messages at Haven News, both locally and also globally, from friends and also from the motorcycle industry; which he has been a part of for almost 40 years.

Here, we print some of the wonderful messages sent-in so far:

I am writing to wish Andy a speedy recovery.
Sam Adeniji (Seaford)

Hi Andy - get out of bed soon and back on the case checking up on those pesky politicians.
(Denton Island Den)

I've heard of some diets in my time but your activities sound a touch excessive. Get back on the kebabs soon mate. Best regards!
(Newhaven Fast Food Club)

Now you have had your MOT and full service, get back to work you lightweight!

Can you see Newhaven bridge from the Sussex County? Opening warnings still working well so don't rush back. If you have really lost four stone you have some serious drinking to catch up on. Available to assist!
(Colourfast Crew)

Come on you old git; it's not the same without our oldest customer hurling abuse at us! Get well soon or we'll have to come visit and taunt you with some vintage Irish Whiskey!
Walt Morris (MWM Systems)

Get well soon Andy: It’s too quiet without your sarcasm and abusive comments! I hope they are pampering you in hospital… and I don’t mean the nappies; you’re not that old yet!
James Ebbon (Designer)

Mr Foulkes – sorry to hear you’ve been through the mill, mate. Get yourself up and about soon so that we feel more comfortable giving you the usual abuse! All the best from Paul and all the team at Crescent.
Paul Denning (Voltcom Crescent Suzuki WSB Team Manager)

Hi Andy, time to stop checking out those young nurses and get back to sending us all some abuse; it just isn’t the same without you! So get yourself better and we can have all meet-up again like the good old days and chat about how bl**dy long we have all been working together!
Marcus Webster (MWM Systems)

Dear Andy. I really want you to get well soon! From the last year when top managements are changed, we need much help from you, even now!
Hiro Miyairi (Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan)

Hi Andy. Every racer knows the ups and downs one can have when they can't do what they love due to injury or other factors. Knowing that your heart is with the sport we're convinced that you'll be back behind your writing-racing machine in no time. Get well soon!
Jo De Munk (Geboers Racing Promotion MXGP & MX2 Team)

Best wishes to your boss Andy for a speedy recovery.
Glynis Boucher (Sussex Community Development Association)

Please send your messages to us at and we will pass them on to Andy and also publish. If you'd like to keep it 'Private' - just let us know and we won't put on site, but pass-through to Andy at Royal Sussex.