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April 1 2014

Seaford Councillor Sam Adeniji has resigned from the Conservative party and has just posted this statement on his website:

“It is with relief that I announce my resignation from the Conservative Party.

“Since being elected to serve as a Conservative Councillor, I have worked hard for the people of Seaford. I remain committed to doing what I think is right by the people of our town; however it has become increasingly obvious that I cannot continue to do this whilst remaining as a Conservative Councillor.

“Since their election in 2011, the local Conservatives have achieved nothing for the people of Seaford other than an increase in the Seaford Town Council Tax precept of over 20% in three years. Their utter contempt for the electorate has led to the resignation of six Conservative Councillors in two-and-a-half years and has cost the people of Seaford five by-elections.

“Over the past 12/18 months Seaford Conservatives have shown themselves apathetic in doing what is right for the people of Seaford, they have become self-serving in nature with Councillors obsessed with chasing official titles and plotting their future political career.

“There is a lack of interest and support by my Conservative colleagues for the real issues that affect our town, I have had no support whatsoever for my active campaign for improving health services in Seaford. I paid with my own money the cost of hiring the hall and staging a public meeting to discuss health provision on our town because local Conservatives Councillors were disinterested in it.

“The final straw for me was the way I was misled in the campaign against the closure of Seaford Waste and Recycling Unit in Cradle Hill. We were tacitly promised that a green waste collection service will be implemented in Seaford, but this has now been kicked into the long grass.

“I will continue to work pro-actively for the people of Seaford, I shall continue my fight for improved health services in Seaford; and the campaign against any future plans by the Conservatives on East Sussex County Council to close Seaford Household Waste and Recycling Unit.

“In what has been some difficult times, I thank those that support me; and I feel optimistic that I can continue to make a difference going forward. I shall continue my surgeries where you can raise any issues.”

San Adeniji: