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 April 1 2014

Our post yesterday from former Seaford Councillor Bob Brown about current Seaford Town Councillor Anthony White has produced some reaction from Haven residents...

* I've just read your item captioned "COUNCILLOR CAUTIONED OVER FUTURE CONDUCT" and found the title very misleading. I was expecting to read about an official reprimand for an actual offence - not the personal opinion of a retired councillor who perhaps has an agenda. In the interests of clarity, would you consider revising the caption? I am not a Seaford elector, so have no particular axe to grind here. On the whole, your site is useful and informative. This piece struck me as unfair.
Carmel Swann (Newhaven).

* What exactly is the 'back story' of Anthony White? Why would he want to re-join this Council? Have I - and many of the good folk of Seaford - missed something?
Paul Lambert (Seaford).

* Bob Brown’s comments are almost correct. However, the independent report on the working of Seaford Town Council was commissioned by Seaford Town Council, not Mr Norman Baker MP. The report, I understand, will be based on the 10-points raised by the Member of Parliament. I am, however, not aware that he has offered to pay the costs of the production of the report or has he?
Bob Gower

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