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April 1 2014

A volunteer crew member from the Newhaven Lifeboat is to run the Centurion South Downs Way 50 on Saturday April 5th on behalf of the RNLI and Yes to Life.

Not content with running the full 26.2 miles of any other marathon, Alvaro Rodriguez has been busy training across the winter to be able to run 50 miles from Worthing to Eastbourne along the chalky South Downs Way.

Alvaro, who has been a crew member on Newhaven’s All Weather lifeboat since 2010, has braved the deluge of rain, high winds and even hail that has fallen across the winter months to train for this gruelling challenge. Starting in October 2013 and running four-to-five times a week, Alvaro has averaged 150 miles a month; a difficult feat for most and this marathon is 80% cross country running along tracks and across fields.

One major step in his training schedule was completing in the Black Forest Marathon in Germany, which included muddy trail runs with ascents of up to 500m.

Alvaro said “I have been training really hard over the past months but I know it’s for two worthy causes. The RNLI, who saves lives at sea, and Yes to Life, which is a Cancer support charity; both of which do fantastic work”

If you would like to sponsor Alvaro for his efforts:CLICK HERE