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April 1 2014

Really Rob? Can you explain how me becoming a Lib Dem makes a complete mockery of the progress of the Tories?

As I said in my resignation speech I could not have achieved Southover House, UTC, City Deal, New Shared Building in Newhaven Town Centre, Property Strategy etc without the cooperation of the Lib Dems the officers, and partners like CAB, RBS, Southdowns College, Town Council, University or Brighton, The Aldrige Foundation, Brighton & Hove City Council, Coast To Capital LEP, SE LEP, County and others (Apologies to those not listed).

Together we facilitated an immense amount of benefit to the district, quite a lot of which was mentioned by Tories in the thanks to me on my stepping down just few weeks ago, I'm surprised you've forgotten.

And which policies did they "unthinkingly "oppose? I remember well how the scrutiny Committee (Chaired by the Lib Dems ) opposed some of our decisions and given the chance to reflect, with their input- we accepted their recommendations 100% of the time!

I am interested to understand why you are happy to form an alliance with UKIP when they also left the Conservative's. You didn't mentioned feeling betrayed by them. Could it be that you are desperate to hang onto power or are you fully aligned with their approach?

Anyone thinking rationally could see that in reality we all worked together on most issues to deliver for the district. I got tired of the phantom enemy and I think the public are getting tired of it too.

Yours rationally


Photo (Catherine Bearder MEP, Lib Dem Group Leader Sarah Osborne, James Page and Norman Baker MP) courtesy of Lewes Lib Dems: