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March 31 2014

Seaford Town Councillor Anthony White - who regained his seat on the Council last Thursday by a narrow majority of 26 votes over former Mayor Tracy Willis - was warned to "keep cool" today by former Councillor Bob Brown, who stood down in May 2011 after eight years in office.

Mr. Brown emailed Haven News to say: “I've been to a number of Council meetings since I stood down and Anthony White impressed me as a free spirit. Now, of course, he has been re-elected on an Independent ticket. Good luck to him. But he is now alone as the only ‘Indy’ on a Council still controlled by his former Conservative Party colleagues; many of whom I suspect have been severely embarrassed by all the back-history of Anthony's departure and return.

“Until the independent report commissioned by Norman Baker is published - and this was deliberately delayed so that its findings could not be used by candidates last Thursday - I think Anthony White must be extremely careful not to re-ignite the furore which led to his resignation.

“I personally canvassed for the two Liberal Democrat candidates in East ward - where there were also by-elections - and my clear impression from the electorate is that they have had enough of what they perceive as a music-hall farce which they feel reluctantly they are bankrolling through the Town precept. That precept is still historically lower than those in neighbouring communities, but it will have to cover now any shortfall in predicted income at Seaford Head Golf Club and its £1.8m Clubhouse.

“I'm sure that the two new UKIP Councillors in East ward will take direction from Alan Latham who has pushed in the past for greater clarity over the whole issue of how the new Clubhouse will be paid for. No doubt we will see how the new Council works at the meeting of the full Council on April 10th."

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