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March 29 2014.

The inaugural AGM of a new Community Association called 'Friends of Riverside Park, Newhaven’ is taking place this afternoon, March 29th at 3pm in Lewes Road Hut, Newhaven.

The main aim of the 'friends' will be to safeguard the area known as Riverside Park in Newhaven as a public open space for future generations.

Following a busy open afternoon last September, the group also hopes to raise funds, alongside other partners, particularly the Town Council, to make it possible to achieve what is wanted by local people for the Park.

The devolution of the Lewes District Council-owned land at Riverside Park to Newhaven Town Council is now anticipated after a petition calling for the transfer was presented by local residents to LDC in October. The group is also talking to ESCC, upon whose land the environmental monitoring of the historic tip area takes place at Riverside Park, about ways in which the site can be protected for recreational use.

Anyone with an interest in the area, however grand or small, is welcome to attend the AGM.