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March 26 2014

Newly-elected Conservative Leader of Lewes District Council, Councillor Rob Blackman, responds to news that Councillor James Page - the previous Conservative Leader of Lewes District Council - has now decided to join the Liberal Democrats.

“James Page’s decision to join the Liberal Democrat’s makes a complete mockery of so much of the progress the Conservative group has achieved in recent times; most of which was unthinkingly-opposed by the Liberal Democrats.
“It is regrettable that James Page has made this decision and I know that all the people that have worked closely with him see this move as a complete betrayal.

“The Lib Dems have long had a nasty reputation in the way that they operate locally and just recently so has James Page. Quite frankly, they deserve each other.

“But in some ways, James Page has actually made my job as leader a little easier, for never in the three years that I have been a Lewes District Councillor has the Conservative group been so completely at one.

“Anyone that knows James Page will tell you he’s nothing if not unpredictable, and he’s certainly reinforced that view in recent weeks.

“The Lib Dems will extend an olive branch to anyone, because they are desperate to return to power and overturn some of the very important decisions, such as Special Expenses, that James Page, I and the Conservative group have made. If he was thinking rationally perhaps he would have considered this.”

Haven News invites Mr. Page to respond if he would like to.