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March 4 20014

Hillcrest Film Society has its latest film screening of the acclaimed film Séraphine on Saturday March 15th.

In this true story, Yolande Moreau plays a bulky, work-worn housecleaner who mixes paints at night, to cover panels with fruits and flowers. What makes this slow, intense film so compelling is its persuasive creation of complex characters: You scarcely believe Moreau is an actor and that the film isn't, on some level, archival footage of the real painter.

It is an engrossing, well-shot biopic, which won seven Césars, including Best Picture from the French Academy in 2008, has a gorgeous antique look; and a surfeit of empathy.

To watch trailer CLICK HERE for this and the rest of the films in the 2014 season.

Tickets priced £4.50 each are available from Hillcrest reception Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 4.00pm.