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February 26 2014.

Lewes Constituency Conservative Association release:

The Baptist Church in Seaford was packed once again with hundreds of residents for the public meeting organised by Conservative Councillor Sam Adeniji, where he welcomed a range of expert speakers to let residents of Seaford know about the proposed new opening of the day hospital this summer.

Horder Health Care, which has bought the freehold of the old Seaford Day Hospital, revealed at the meeting that it is currently revamping the hospital so that it will provide physiotherapy, diagnostic and outpatient services for a range of conditions and that currently it is in close discussions with the care commissioning group led by local GPs as to what NHS services they will offer.

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Maria Caulfield, (pictured), who attended the meeting said: “It is great news that Seaford is finally getting some local services back in the town. We heard tonight some distressing stories about elderly people having to travel for many miles on public transport just to get physiotherapy treatment. As a nurse myself I really believe that Seaford needs better health care services locally and it was great to hear from local GPs who are keen to see this happen.”