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February 21 2014.

LDC Independent Councillor Ruth OKeeffe replies to Lib Dem release published here at Haven News yesterday:

Lewes District Council has 41 members. There are 20 Conservatives, 18 Liberal Democrats, 2 UKIP members and myself, an elected Independent.

Whilst it is interesting to be singled out as the Councillor who will decide the leadership election, this seems to ignore the maths.

I would think it is a bigger question as to which way the UKIP members would vote, and I am surprised that Norman Baker appears to assume they will vote with the Liberal Democrats.

I shall, as always, be voting on the basis of all the information available to me on the day, with the other 40 members of the District Council, and again, as always, I will not be bullied by some strange campaign into making public declarations ahead of the event.

I am however interested by the importance that I am being accorded by the local MP, which just goes to show that he is now convinced an Independent can make a difference.

Ruth OKeeffe