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February 17 2014.

Seaford MP Norman Baker presented evidence on Friday to the independent investigator who has been assigned to look into the concerns that he has raised about Seaford Town Council.

The investigator, Sheelagh Douglas, is a former chief executive of Wealden District Council and currently works at B3sixty, an investigation firm that specialises in education and local government. Sheelagh, recommended by the Sussex Association of Local Councils (SALC), was presented with the evidence and will review the file in detail.

A large number of people have come forward following Norman’s calls for evidence. Recent weeks have seen the file of evidence, supporting Norman’s original ten issues, increasing in size as more people have shared their experiences of the council.

Norman says: “I am pleased to see that SALC have recommended an experienced and independent investigator to take matters forward. I have handed over the significant file that I have been compiling over the last few weeks, containing evidence from local residents, organisations, ex-councillors and staff members. The complete file provides a disturbing picture of what has been going on.

“I hope that, now an investigator has been assigned, the problems with the town council can be resolved in a timely manner. I understand from Ms Douglas that this matter will take up to a month before she is in a position to make recommendations.”