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February 18 2014.

Councillor Carolyn Lambert has sent a Freedom of Information request to the Mayor of Seaford, Councillor Mark Brown. Councillor Lambert explains:

“I am very concerned that the Terms of Reference for the Review Committee recently set up by Seaford Town Council to set out the terms of the independent investigation are not publicly available. I have therefore written to the Mayor asking for details of the Terms of Reference. I have also asked for details of the scope of the independent review, including the issues to be considered, who the reviewer will be gathering evidence from, the period of time that will be investigated, the timescale within which the enquiry will be completed, who the reviewer will report back to and who the main contact will be within Seaford Town Council.

The public need to have confidence in their Town Council and in the openness, transparency and thoroughness of any independent review and I am extremely surprised that this information is not readily available to the public.

In addition, I have made two formal complaints that neither the Complaints Procedure nor the Standing Orders are readily accessible via the Town Council website.”