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February 12 2014.

This year, for the centenary of the start of the WW1, Meeching Amateur Dramatics (MAD) are commemorating in a special way by bringing back to life a forgotten play from those significant years. This will provide a rare opportunity to see one of the West End's great dramatic successes during 1916-1918.

The Better 'Ole or the Romance of Old Bill, by Capt. Bruce Bairnsfather and Capt. Arthur Elliott subsequently went on tour to many parts of the world and a Warner Brothers film followed in 1925.

Now MAD, with the support of Newhaven Town Council and Lewes District Council, will be performing this production at Newhaven Fort for three nights on August Bank Holiday Weekend: Thursday the 21st through to  to Saturday the 23rd at 7.45pm each evening.

A presentation evening and read-through of this unique play, (which follows the antics, with pathos and humour, of a group of 'Tommies', making their way through France to the Front line Trenches), will be at 7.45pm on Tuesday the 18th of February at Meeching Hall in Fort Road, Newhaven.

Anyone interested in becoming involved, from acting to backstage, or in any other way, are welcome to attend.

Auditions will follow at 7.45pm on Thursday the 20th of  February.