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February 12 2014.

Households are being encouraged to recycle their food waste as part of Lewes District Council’s Zero Heroes campaign. Community Chef Olly Dawson will be hosting the Zero Heroes live cookery kitchen at Newhaven Market in the High Street on Saturday the 1st of March, with tips on how to make simple, tasty fillings for pancakes using leftovers that would otherwise probably end up in the bin.

"I'm really looking forward to sharing my quick and tasty recipes with Newhaven residents", said Olly. "There are lots of simple ways to reuse scraps of food and ingredients that are near their use-by date that will save you money and help reduce what goes into your bin. I’ve also got a great recipe for bread pudding pancakes and I will be handing out recipe cards. It’s good for your pocket and the environment.”

Launched in 2013, Zero Heroes is raising awareness of food and household waste recycling facilities with a view to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, whilst also offering residents the chance to win a share of £40,000 for an environmental project in their local community.

Each week, the general domestic waste volume of each of the different areas of Lewes district is posted on the Zero Heroes website to see who is doing most to reduce and recycle.

There are lots ways that will help you reduce waste and also save you money.

1) Freeze any leftover foods into handy portions.

2) Do you know the difference between Best Before, Use By & Sell By?

'Best before’ refers to quality, not safety, so bakery products can still be consumed after this date but might no longer be at their best.

‘Use by’ refers to safety, not quality, so food and drink should not be consumed after this date, even if it looks and smells fine. (eg: yogurt, cheese, meat products)

‘Display until’ and ‘sell by’ can be ignored by shoppers (they are for staff)

3) Reduce the amount of BOGOF deals – don’t be seduced by the special offers in supermarkets – you will often end up throwing away the second item.

Visit for more information about how to reduce, reuse and recycle and details of how to win a share of £40,000 for your local community.