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February 12 2014.

Earlier correspondence relating to Seaford Beach erosion has mentioned the impact of the Newhaven Harbour arm on long shore drift. However, to date, I don’t believe that any consideration has been given to the regular dredging of the river outlet within the harbour arm that may also have a significant impact on the marine geography of Seaford Bay. If left un-dredged, eventually a shingle spit would form,  that in the long run would protect the beach. The sea entrance to the River Ouse would eventually move eastwards.

Having said that, given NNP’s attitude to maintenance, the harbour arm will in time collapse and the beach erosion problem will be solved.

Fred Crook



Seaford beach must be considered a sea defence well before an amenity.

There are not many of us left who remember the failures of the old sea wall. I have seen six feet of water in the Salts, enough water to float the goal posts out of their sockets, allowing them to fall over and arrive at the railway embankment. The caravan park at the Buckle was also  filled with water along with several fishing boats.

Do not forget that water has a great memory and having lived in Greece, one of their common sayings is: "When men plan, the Gods laugh".

I will not see it, but my belief is that the low parts of Seaford will be lost to the sea.



I have to very much agree with Bob Brown- Seaford Beach is now in an extremely perilous condition. With solid and vociferous support from STC and Norman Baker on this issue we do have a golden opportunity, together, to develop a long term and trully sustainable beach - one that is both able to robustly defend Seaford Town from flooding and a beach proper for such a much-loved seaside town as Seaford undoubtedly is.

I am very happy to be involved in any discussions that almost certainly will now have to take place and I know of many others who would also like the opportunity.

I earnestly request STC and Norman Baker to shout, bang the table, and do whatever else it takes on this essential issue.

Jim Skinner